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Become the person you long to be. Discover Solution Focused Hypnotherapy London and allow yourself to positively transform the quality of your life, relationships and career. 


Life isn't always straightforward, and we are all faced with difficult challenges from time to time. Problems at work, family issues, personal matters, anxiety and low mood, they can all play a role in stopping us from moving forward. I am here to support you in making small changes that can have a positive impact on your day to day, helping you knock down the obstacles in your way and get to where you wish to be. 


Using a combination of hypnotherapy and solution focused brief therapy, We work together to regain personal boundaries, strengthen your confidence; empowering you to find your self worth and valued self-esteem again, all whilst promoting those personal attributes that help you get more from life: confidence and a feeling of self-worth.

By exploring your best state of mind, you'll have the power to make the most appropriate decisions for your life with guidance from a highly trained, passionate therapist who prioritises your growth.

Start your journey with me today and discover what you're truly capable of.


"Empowering my clients to radically transform their lives, to create the best possible life choices"

My name is Sarah Smith and I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist (DSFH, HPD) offering Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Having worked in the wellbeing area for two decades, I've found that we all want results and we need them fast. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a relatively swift process moving your thought patterns into the prefrontal cortex area of the brain to encourage neurons that form solutions, creativity and intellectual, sensible responses around problem areas in your life. If you have tried other therapies and want a way to move forward into a new way of dealing with old issues SFH is the perfect match. Life at its best for me is the simplicity of being in nature walking, swimming outdoors, camping, open fires and surfing. I know the importance of sleep and relaxation, so you'll always find me excited about a tranquil therapeutic facility or sleep enhancing activities and painting, I love drawing and painting. I have two young children so I understand the value of relaxation and confidence building for children. Young people generally gain the benefits far quicker than us adults, children are remarkable human beings. I enjoy working with businesspeople and entrepreneurs particularly people who are great with their skills or role, yet need support with; confidence, self discipline, boundaries or sometimes motivation. When we have a passion for our job, the skills we have acquired sometimes get overwhelmed with 'things that might go wrong' that caps our passion and creativity. SFH will reset your thoughts to being more positive and restart your actions and interactions with others genuinely making you feel happier. You will find yourself with more productivity at work, while balancing life efficiently. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy generally brings back that self belief and confidence; so we can spontaneously give the right answers based on a proper assessment of each situation.

Female Hypnotherapy Patient


'Change' doesn't happen overnight. It takes willingness and self belief, all powers that you have waiting within. Hypnotherapy can unite the fire to trigger your focus and help you shift into gear, so you can see the changes you want to happen. Irrespective of where you are right now, you can work with me to reach your target destination, and it all starts with your initial consultation. Contact me to discuss what you want to achieve or to learn more about my sessions before we get going. 

Mother and Child


Whether you're struggling to achieve a personal goal, feel overwhelmed with emotion or lack motivation to take the next steps, we'll work together to help you reset.

Man at his Desk


If you have a phobia that's holding you back, work with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy London to transform your mindset and reclaim control over your life.

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Ready to improve your lifestyle and shake the habit? Hypnotherapy techniques can help you work on the subconscious mind that encourages your urge to smoke.

I had such a great outcome from my sessions with Sarah. I was able to achieve my goal of eating healthier, by eating food that I consciously choose to eat, non diary food choices, before having sessions with Sarah I was not making good food choices. As an addition to my goal, I now sleep better and I have started a degree level training course which will inevitably enhance my business.

I found this work so beneficial, that my sons went to see Sarah for hypnotherapy and they really enjoyed the relaxation.

- Darshna J


Discover the power of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

Book your free initial consultation by contacting me on 07816 577421 or send me a message, to find out more.

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