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Psychological therapy


Reclaim your life

Whatever fears are preventing you from living your life to the fullest, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy London wants to see you make a breakthrough in combating your phobias and overcoming what you told yourself was impossible.


A phobia of any kind is not only potentially damaging to your mental health but can be detrimental to your everyday life. Extreme and irrational fears can trigger your brain's fight or flight response which, whilst aiming to protect you from the supposed threat, can mean you're unable to enjoy certain activities or even get involved altogether. For those who suffer, this can feel very limiting and isolating, feelings that I want to work with you to resolve. During sessions with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy London, we'll look to change your perception of the thing you fear and the way you respond to it, helping you take back control and prevent the phobic response getting stronger. 


A journey to change your life

  1. Initial consultation: Phobias can be difficult to understand, especially if you're not sure of their source. We'll discuss any feelings you're experiencing, and I will explain what exactly happens in the brain when met with a phobia. I'll then delve into the process of trance and how it works, and you'll take home a Relaxation Track so you can start getting into the right frame of mind right away. 

  2. Pre-wind session: To help you become familiar with the processes used and how they feel, you'll be able to enjoy a relaxing hypnosis session which can encourage trance state

  3. Rewind: Once in a controlled and safe hypnotic state, we'll look to explore the memories or traumatic events that have triggered your phobias, de-sensitising the brain and working to reduce irrational responses and feelings of extreme fear.

  4. Reframe: At this point, we'll introduce a new, appropriate response pattern by working with a different frame of reference, one much more controlled and calmer. This aims to change your reaction and the outcome when exposed to the phobia again.

In this closeup, a young woman sits on a couch and leans forward as she talks to an unreco
A Supportive Therapist


As listed above, each session lasts about an hour, and we'll work at your pace. I do recommend allowing a little longer for sessions 1 and 3 to ensure you have enough time to explore your feelings and ask as many questions as needed.

Prices for these sessions can be discussed during our initial conversation.

Contact me via your preferred method to explore the different ways to help phobias of every nature.

Looking Sharp


For many of the clients I have worked with across London and beyond, living with a phobia has often caused them embarrassment, and is something that may have been disregarded by others in the past.

Our sessions are built on trust which is why I ensure to help you feel comfortable in exploring your fears and their causes without any judgement. Whether it's a fear of flying, certain animals, travel or something completely unique, we'll work on it together.


Don't let fears hold you back any longer. Get help with phobias by contacting Solution Focused Hypnotherapy London. Complete the only contact form below or call 07816 577421

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